Cute 4 piece kit includes:


1. Clipper Lighter from the Millenial Collection: Pink “No Drama” Llama design. Awesome round shape that is easy to hold, built in packing tool, replaceable flints, and re-fillable containers make Clipper are the absolute best!


2. Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers: Fun and unique Blazy Susan pink color rolling papers in King Slim size! Vegan & non-gmo, made with organic pigments. Sourced from a reputable French factory. Smooth and slow burning. 50 sheets, 1.25 inch.


3. Sherbert Silicone Small Jar: Adorably small non-stick silicone jar for holding your concentrates, shatter, crumble, wax, what have you! 1 inch diameter/ 0.75 inch tall.


4.  Clear Plastic Joint Tubie
For the joint that’s on the go!  Tubies keep your joint clean and safe from breakage!  Measures 95 mm. 

Clipper Lighter Pink Kit - Blazy Susan Pink Papers, Silicone Jar & Tubie