The Glow in the Dark Pipe Lighter Set includes 2 items to keep you covered when you are out and about!  Pick your color:

Light Purple

Blue Purple



Blue Green


1.  Glow in the Dark Silicone Hand Pipe 

Don't want to worry about breaking a glass pipe? Toss this silicone pipe in your bag!  Can't find your pipe in your dark bag?  Good thing this one glows!  Charge your glow in dark pipe under the light to see the glow magic.  Plastic bowl insert.  Easy to clean. BPA free/FDA approved. Made by WaxMaid.  Dab Mate logo on pipe. 


2.  Dia de los Muertos Clipper Lighter

Beautiful Day of the Dead Clipper lighter!  Awesome round shape that is easy to hold, built in packing tool, replaceable flints, and re-fillable containers make Clippers the absolute best!

Glow in the Dark Pipe & Clipper Lighter Set