The Pastel Pink & Blue Pipe & Clipper Lighter Set includes 2 items to keep you covered when you are out and about!


1. Pastel Pink & Blue Silicone Hand Pipe

On the go and don't want to worry about breaking a glass pipe? Toss this silicone pipe in your bag!  Mellow pink and blue colors for a chill night.  Includes pipe lid for storage.  Metal bowl insert.  Easy to clean. BPA free/FDA approved. Made by R&B.


2.  Donut Worry/Be Happy Clipper Lighter

Fun Donut Worry/Be Happy Clipper lighter! Awesome round shape that is easy to hold, built in packing tool, replaceable flints, and re-fillable containers make Clippers the absolute best!

Pastel Pink & Blue Pipe & Clipper Lighter Set